We Are So Glad You're Here!

Register as a Volunteer:

  1. CLICK HERE to create an account on our Sports Connect portal.
  2. Create an account with your email address and verify your email address to activate your account.
  3. On the page that says “What would you like to do today?,” click “REGISTER MYSELF”
  4. On the page that says “Which best describes you?,” click “VOLUNTEER OR STAFF”
  5. Fill in your name and the required account information. When it asks “Relationship to Player,” please select your relationship to the Little League player you are helping out. If you do not have a Little League player and are helping volunteer through another organization, please select “Other.”
  6. Click “Continue”
  7. On the “Programs” page, click “View Divisions.”
  8. Put a check mark on all the divisions you are willing and interested to help with.
  9. Under each division that you selected, you will need to scroll to find the role(s) you are volunteering for.
  10. Click “Select” and then click “Sign up as (your name)”
  11. When the bar is white with a blue check mark, that means you have successfully added that role to your volunteer registration.
  12. Click “Continue” on the bottom of the page.
  13. Complete our Volunteer Background Information Form.
  14. Be sure to read & accept our “Little League Volunteer Application” and our “Form Release and Waiver.”
  15. Upload a photo of your government issued ID.
  16. Click “Continue.”
  17. That’s it! You are now registered in our portal and our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you with more information.